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Upstream Inspections provides solutions for buyers and sellers to have an accurate account of vehicle conditions prior to completing a transaction. Our inspections provide transparency and ensure both the seller and buyer are aware of existing cosmetic and mechanical conditions as well as major body repairs that have been previously performed.

Our Dealer Direct inspections are pre-purchase inspections that provide a detailed cosmetic Condition Report including pictures and description - We check for previous accident, frame, and flood damage. Carfax reports are avaialable upon request.

  • More than 30 additional pictures
  • Manheim Auto Grade
  • 360 interior and exterior imaging
  • Cold start video
  • Posting to multiple remarketing platforms

Utilizing inspection services for entire dealer pre-owned inventory, enhances digital retailing platform and assists with raising dealer reputation scores. Includes inspection report with photos for Retail buyer, Upload capability for direct access link from vehicle landing page, backend tool to manage inventory and access reports, feed to OVE and Dealerblock for buy it now wholesale transactions.


Upstream Inspections is the leading national pre-owned inspection solution for buyers and sellers.

A vehicle history report will only show you what has been “reported”. Damage will ONLY reflect in a vehicle history report if:

  • There is a police report
  • There is an insurance claim
  • There is/was a repair done at a licensed facility
  • Repaired damage, minor or major, that does not get reported will not reflect in ANY vehicle history report that is available to a consumer. Many repair shops do not report to companies that provide a vehicle history report. It may take up to a year for an event to reach a vehicle history report.

  • Verify that the vehicle does not have any undisclosed major repairs or damage.
  • Verify that the vehicle is free of any major structural or frame damage.
  • Verify that the vehicle has never been flooded.
  • Verify the overall vehicle condition Verify any cosmetic issues that may not show up on retail photos.

Our inspectors are highly trained to identify any underlying conditions or damages.
Our inspectors are equipped with the latest in technology to date.

Upstream Inspections promises to deliver unparalleled service to our clients
Our promise includes a certificate of inspection for every vehicle we inspect.

About Us

Upstream Inspections utilizes proprietary technologies with over 100 years of combined automotive experience to provide a transparent and independent bridge between buyers and sellers. Our condition reports include detailed descriptions with pictures of existing cosmetic issues as well as identify prior major damage and repairs.

We continue to enhance our technologies to give our clients the most detailed and accurate information and history.


Our technicians are trained to NAAA standards to identify damages and previous repairs that may not be visible to untrained eyes.


We utilize state of the art tools and technology in our process. We partner with leading technology providers for VIN decoding and grading tools among other apps



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