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Are you putting all your trust in a vehicle history report?
A vehicle history report will only show you what has been “reported”.
Damage will ONLY reflect in a vehicle history report if:
· There is a police report
· There is an insurance claim
· There is/was a repair done at a licensed facility

Repaired damage, minor or major, that does not get reported will not reflect in ANY vehicle history report that is available to a consumer. A majority of repair shops do not report to companies that provide a vehicle history report.

It may take up to a year for an event to reach a vehicle history report.

Protect your investment and have Upstream Inspections verify the condition of the vehicle 
· Use our ambassador service, and don’t buy sight unseen
· Our inspectors will be your ambassador so you can buy with confidence
· Use one of our preferred dealers to get the best value from someone you can trust

What to know before buying a used car
· Verify that the vehicle does not have any undisclosed major repairs or damage
· Verify that the vehicle is free of any major structural or frame damage
· Verify that the vehicle has never been flooded
· Verify the overall vehicle condition
· Verify any cosmetic issues that may not show up on retail photos

Why Upstream Inspections?
· Our inspectors are highly trained to identify any underlying conditions or damages
· Our inspectors are equipped with the latest in technology to date

What do we guarantee ?
· Upstream Inspections promises to deliver unparalleled service to our clients
· Our promise includes a certificate of inspection for every vehicle we inspect

About Us

Our team of experts brings 50 years of combined automotive experience to the online vehicle inspection platform to give a buyer confidence to purchase a used vehicle.

Upstream Inspections was formed to provide consumers confidence in purchasing a used vehicle.

Upstream Inspections provides a comprehensive vehicle inspection report to relieve the stress of buying a used vehicle.

Upstream Inspections uses the most up to date technology to provide a simple and easy to read report.

Upstream Inspections uses our state of the art web services to make ordering an inspection easy.

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Upstream Inspections inspectors are NOT mechanics. We do not guarantee any mechanical work.